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Tariq hears the loudspeaker

Tariq still stands outside Cassandra's apartment waiting to be invited in when Jesse comes upstairs to tell them that she is taking Cesar to his apartment. He hears a voice over a loudspeaker from outside. He can't decipher what is being said and he looks around, but the closest window in inside Cassandra's apartment.

He glances at Seth and Miranda and he notices she's about to explode, and then she does letting out a banshee-like scream telling Jesse to perform some sexuality-explicit action on herself, not to mention banishing her from the Lower East Side.

Tariq chuckles to himself but is quickly distracted by the voice on the loudspeaker again and he decides he's going in the apartment and over to the window and find out what's going on outside.

He knocks on the door as he walks in, bows his head respectfully as he passes by a surprised Cassandra, Yessensia, and baby, and sticks his head out the open window.
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