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Miranda really explodes.

[ mood | annoyed ]

"What the fuck are you talking about you asshole?" shouts Miranda down the hall at Jesse, "Come back here we're not done!"

As Jesse rolls her eyes and walks back to her, Miranda is saying, "Un-fucking-believable, you must have been affected by the chemicals Jesse, do me a favor put you finger in your nose or ear and see if your brain is oozing out!"

When Jesse finally reaches Miranda, Miranda grabs her by the arm, looks back at everyone who's gawking at them and says "Excuse us."

She drags Jesse down a flight of steps and sits her down on the third to last step and says, "Ok, your going to listen to me little macho girl, don't open your mouth just sit there and listen."

Miranda takes a deep breath, exhales and begins talking in a tone as if she were talking to a three year old, "We are not taking that guy with us anywhere. I've already lost enough shit tonight. I'm not about to put my big ass out on the line so Cesar Chavez up there can make it safe to his home while the Colombian mafia is after us. NO FUCKIN' WAY! Now, your going to go up there and tell that guy your sorry, that you were temporarily insane, or whatever and tell him that the deal is off. No amount of money is going to change that."

Miranda began to walk up the stairs and suddenly turns around and says, "And if you don't I will. I'm serious Jesse!"

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Seth Follows Tariq

Seth followed Tariq down the hallway, towards Cassandra's apartment. He hated the fact that they were pretty much invading her apartment. He did however need to use the phone. In this whole mess, Seth had not gotten in touch with his band mates. He wanted to call them to make sure that they were all okay. He also wanted to stop at his apartment for a few things. He felt that this day was far from over.
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We're off to see Cassandra....

Tariq quickly led the group down the hall, as he heard Jesse and Miranda's hushed argument begin. He knew this had to be about taking Cesar down to Miami, and admitted to himself that he had some reservations about the mission as well.

Glancing over his shoulder as they approached Cassandra's apartment, he caught a glimpse of Seth following close behind, while Cesar hobbled along using the wall for support. Thomas lagged behind, apparently knowing he wasn't very welcome.

The thick metal door to Cassandra's apartment was wide open. Tariq poked his head in and knocked on the door under the numbers 2D.

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Cassandra tells her mom about everyone else
"Well..." says Cassandra "there are a few more people than that."

Her mother does not respond but gives her a questioning look.

"Well, its Jesse, Miranda, Tariq, Seth and somebody else."

Yessenia raises an eyebrow at her daughter.

"Thomas, he's in the hall but I don't know what he's doing here. I didn't invite him, I didn't even know where he was, but now he's here but ... Oh!" Cassandra suddenly says "Jesse's bleeding, so am I, we kind of need to wash up. Can they come in?"
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Yessenia remembers

Remember? Of course I remember those people! Yessenia thinks. How could I forget what a mess you made of your life when they were around? How could I forget all the pain you put us through while you insisted on going to that place? On being with him!? she screams inside. But all she says is "Yes. I remember them. And is it just Jesse and Miranda? Or are there more of you?" she asks her daughter.
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Cassandra explains what happened
"No mom. I didn't find people on the street and bring them home" says Cassandra to her mother surprising herself at how much like a teenager she sounds. "I found them in a bar... but before you freak out I know them... from before. It's Jesse and Miranda, remember them?" Cassandra asks, hoping her mother wouldn't remember much.
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Jesse tries to cool down Miranda.

[ mood | crazy ]

"Calm the fuck down. For fucksake you take everything so bleeding personal." screams back Jesse at Miranda.

"Look I'm not going to 'give her to him' as you put it. She's just my last resort. If waving two thousand dollars under Gino's nose isn't enough for him. Besides we need protection too, I don't really think that we should be in the city either and Gino can get us out of here quick. You know he owns most of the police department. Or what do you want to stay here and die?" says Jesse.

Jesse gets up and starts to walk toward Cassandra's apartment. She says out loud in a mock tone, "Or should we start looking for some stylish burkas for us to wear when the crazy arabs come?"

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Miranda rips Jesse a new one.

[ mood | infuriated ]

All Miranda can do is just stare at Jesse.

Oh my god, she's kidding right? She has to be. Because if she's not then she's really fucked up and I really don't know her.

"Please tell me your just pulling my leg." Miranda finally says.

Jesse shakes her head and Miranda loses it, "You slimy, fucking, bitch! You would actually sell out Rhea for six thousand dollars? I can't believe you. You know what Jesse. If your really serious then don't ever fucking talk to me again. I thought you were different, but I guess I was wrong!" She turns around to go to Cassandra's apartment.

After taking two steps she turns back around and unleashes more anger on Jesse, "God I can't believe you! Your really going to do it! Are you that desperate for money?"

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Jesse tries to convince Miranda.

[ mood | determined ]

"I bloody well know that Miranda, I am not a clod, and besides I'm not going to take him myself...." replies Jesse. She takes another long pull off her cigarette.

She slowly exhales as she get a crazy look to her.

She looks back up at Miranda and sees the looks of confusion in her friend's eyes.

"Gino." she says coolly.

"Gino will do it. I know he's still pissed at me but I now have an ace in my back pocket."

Miranda shoots her a worried look and Jesse says, "Rhea. Gino wants Rhea, I have Rhea, which means I have Gino."

Jesse goes back to smoking her cigarette.

Sometimes I scare myself, I'm so good.

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"What do you mean we have a car? What people? What are you talking about Cassi?" asks Yessenia, her Spanish accent growing thicker. "You found people in the street and brought them home?"
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Miranda speaks to Jesse.

[ mood | angry ]

Before Jesse goes to lead the way to Cassandra's house, Miranda takes it upon herself to talk with Jesse about what has just happened. She walks toward the Brit and says to everyone, "It's down this corridor and the 3rd door to your left. You'll have to excuse us for a minute."

As everyone walks away, she stand directly in front of Jesse and whispers, "What the hell was that all about? Where have you been tonight? Ummm, have you forgotten that we're under attack from crazy ass motherfuckers and now we're going to get the spanish mob on us? We are SO not taking him anywhere with us. He's definitely someone I don't want around us, Jesse!"

She watches as Jesse opens her mouth to say something but cuts her off immediately, "I don't care what you say he's not coming with us, I don't care how much money he's offering!" her voice starts to get a bit higher and icy as she continues, "Besides, I seriously doubt Cassandra is going to want that kind of shit around her baby."

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Cassandra tells her mother about the people she came with
With her mothers mention of a car Cassandra suddenly remembers how she got there, and the people came with her.
"Actually, we do... have a car" says Cassandra as she inhales the sweet scent of her baby's head. Her mother looked at her suspiciously. "And a whole lot of people.... actually" finishes Cassandra with a nervous laugh.
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Going to Cassandra's

How the hell is she gonna get this guy to Miami? Seth thought to himself. The whole plan sounded crazy to him.

"Yeah it would be a good idea to get to Cassandra's apartment. I need to make a few calls if she doesn't mind."
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Tariq open the door

Tariq pulled open the door to the hallway, "Lead the way, Jesse."

He motioned for everyone else to follow them out into the hallway. As Seth passed by he gave him a playful punch on the arm.

"Hey man, snap out of it already."
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Cesar gets up

Cesar grabbed hold on the handrail and pulled himself up.

"Yes, let's go get your friends."
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Jesse agrees.

[ mood | awake ]

Fuck, baby and mommy may not want to be in this little negotiation. Hmmm.

"Right, I almost forgot about that, with all the commotion that's been going on around here, who can keep there head on straight?" replies Jesse.

She turns to Cesar and says, "Shall we go then?"

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Tariq interrupts

Tariq watched with fascination as Jesse and Cesar worked out their dealings. He was amazed at how many twists and turns one night could take. However, it sounded like they were just about ready to take off on this new mission, so Tariq jumped in.

"Umm, I'm all for vacations to tropical destinations, but we've been chillin' in this staircase and still haven't found Cassandra's apartment," he said mostly to Jesse. "You think we should maybe take care of that first?"
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Cesar agrees to Jesse's terms

He watched Jesse as she explained her concerns for the mission he had proposed and caught an aire of experience.

She's one of us, he thought as she pulled on her cigarette. I knew there was a reason I liked her. He let out a soft laugh as she asked for half of the money.

"Very well, gather your friends and let's head to Brooklyn. Once we are safely out of Manhattan I will get you half the money... in cash, I presume?"

Cesar grinned.
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Jesse fires back at Cesar

[ mood | mischievous ]

It's Jesse's turn to chuckle, "Look mate I wasn't born yesterday, I know what kind of nasty you've got. The thing is if I'm right, then all bridges and tunnels are shut down by the bobbies." Jesse pulls out a camel, lights it up and takes a long pull. She let's out the smoke and watches it rise while she thinks.

Fuck that money would be nice to have in me pocket.

"Well, we have to pick up an old friend of ours in Brooklyn, come with us now and I'll see what I can do." she licks her lips and says, "Besides with your best friend up there, I doubt this is where you want to be with a twisted foot."

As Jesse waits for Cesar's answer she quickly, but calmly states, "Oh and by the way, I want half up front mate."

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Cesar insists

Cesar chuckled at Jesse's naivety.

"Why do you think I am offering you five-thousand dollars?" he looked Jesse in the eye again.

"The guys I am running from will be expecting me to flee by air because everything is sealed up. They will be at the airports. They know my car. They know all my contacts. But they have no idea who any of you are... and I am asking you to find a way to drive me to Florida. That's the service I am paying you five-thousand dollars for."

He pondered for a second and continued.

"No... there is nowhere else I can ask you to drop me off. I need to get to Miami. Make it six-thousand dollars for the trip."
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