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Jesse decides on what to tell the rest of the gang

Fuck I almost forgot... Ugh Miranda will be the first one to start hitting me... Damn hot blooded Greeks.

"Right," says Jesse followed by a sigh, "Well I guess I'll just have to tell them that I'm going to drop you off somewhere. Stay here, I'll be right back." replies Jesse and she began to walk back toward her friends.

Once again Miranda's eyes were glued on her, Jesse just looks back at Miranda and rolls her eyes. She stands a few feet away from Miranda and starts to say, "Well, look since your all opposed to helping out your fellow man, I, being the good person that I am, am going to drive him to his apartment. As you all know there is a laughing lunatic upstairs and I think that the farther away Cesar is the safer we are. So, you all stay here play house and I'll come back round to collect you all."

Jesse turns to Miranda to say something to her but the look of sheer anger on her face makes Jesse decide that the less communication the better.

Please don't hit me... Please don't hit me... Please don't hit me.

Jesse walks back to Cesar and says "Right, so it's off to see the wizard." they begin to go down the stairs when all of a sudden they hear Miranda scream out loud "GO FUCK YOURSELF JESSE! DON'T COME BACK!"

The hairs on the back of Jesse's stood up, Well, maybe it is good that she's straight.

Then all of a sudden a loud muffled sound is coming from outside. Jesse can't decipher what it is so she decides to hurry up and get outside quickly.
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