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Not this again!

Cesar shook his head as he heard about the pulse. He started on his way down the stairs again when he heard Jesse screaming to be let inside.

These women are all crazy, he thought. What am I thinking, trusting my life to a bunch of lunatics?"

He slowly descended the final steps and made his way down the hallway toward the main entrance where Jesse stood banging away on the door.
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Miranda is pissed.

[ mood | pissed off ]

Who the fuck does she think she is huh? Gawd. Fuck her then. If she wants to follow him then fine. She can go with him to end of the Earth for all I care. That's it.

Miranda was so wrapped up in her thoughts and emotions that when the announcements that were being broadcast barely even registered in her mind.

It was until she saw Tariq walk in to Cassandra's house that she even began to wonder what was going on.

Then she hears Jesse screaming in the hallway.

"What the hell is going on?"

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Jesse tries to get back in.

[ mood | pissed off ]

"Bloody Hell, figures this would happen to me right now!" blurts out.

She begins to to turn around to go back in to the building, but as she gets to front door she remembers that it's locked, "Shit! Hey Cesar I need you to come down and open the door! CESAR!" screams Jesse.

She rings Cassandras bell and starts to pound on the door.

Bloody hell! I hope he can hear me.

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EMP Initiated!

Current Game Date: September 12, 2003
Current Game Time: 12:53 AM EST

The police continue to repeat their message.

" expected so all civilians are encouraged to find shelter as soon as possible. We repeat... the enemy satellite entered prep mode approximately 2 minutes ago and will fire in 3 minutes. Evacuate all elevators, escalators, and motor vehicles immediately. An aerial attack following the pulse is expected so all civilians are encouraged to find shelter as soon as possible..."
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Cesar listens too...

[ mood | worried ]

As Jesse runs downstairs, Cesar leans against the wall next to the window and tries to hear what the cops are saying.

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Tariq hears the loudspeaker

[ mood | scared ]

Tariq still stands outside Cassandra's apartment waiting to be invited in when Jesse comes upstairs to tell them that she is taking Cesar to his apartment. He hears a voice over a loudspeaker from outside. He can't decipher what is being said and he looks around, but the closest window in inside Cassandra's apartment.

He glances at Seth and Miranda and he notices she's about to explode, and then she does letting out a banshee-like scream telling Jesse to perform some sexuality-explicit action on herself, not to mention banishing her from the Lower East Side.

Tariq chuckles to himself but is quickly distracted by the voice on the loudspeaker again and he decides he's going in the apartment and over to the window and find out what's going on outside.

He knocks on the door as he walks in, bows his head respectfully as he passes by a surprised Cassandra, Yessensia, and baby, and sticks his head out the open window.

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Jesse answers Cesar

[ mood | scared ]

"Well I can't from here besides if it's the bobbies I'll let you know. So just wait there and let me hear." answers Jesse.

She continues to head for the door and finally makes it there and walks outside.

OK, what new non-sense is this?

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Cesar tries to hustle down the stairs

Walking down the stairs behind Jesse he suddenly hears Miranda's violent outburst and he chuckles to himself.

Crazy woman... he thinks to himself.

Holding on to the railing he tackles the stairs like a child, resting on each step with each foot before proceeding to the next.

I can't believe I am trying to sneak to Miami when I can hardly walk. What am I thinking?

He hears a loud sound from outside and he realizes it's a loudspeaker.

The cops! He thinks as he looks at the window between first and second floors.

"Jesse!" he calls. "Let's listen to see what they say!"
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Jesse decides on what to tell the rest of the gang

[ mood | nervous ]

Fuck I almost forgot... Ugh Miranda will be the first one to start hitting me... Damn hot blooded Greeks.

"Right," says Jesse followed by a sigh, "Well I guess I'll just have to tell them that I'm going to drop you off somewhere. Stay here, I'll be right back." replies Jesse and she began to walk back toward her friends.

Once again Miranda's eyes were glued on her, Jesse just looks back at Miranda and rolls her eyes. She stands a few feet away from Miranda and starts to say, "Well, look since your all opposed to helping out your fellow man, I, being the good person that I am, am going to drive him to his apartment. As you all know there is a laughing lunatic upstairs and I think that the farther away Cesar is the safer we are. So, you all stay here play house and I'll come back round to collect you all."

Jesse turns to Miranda to say something to her but the look of sheer anger on her face makes Jesse decide that the less communication the better.

Please don't hit me... Please don't hit me... Please don't hit me.

Jesse walks back to Cesar and says "Right, so it's off to see the wizard." they begin to go down the stairs when all of a sudden they hear Miranda scream out loud "GO FUCK YOURSELF JESSE! DON'T COME BACK!"

The hairs on the back of Jesse's stood up, Well, maybe it is good that she's straight.

Then all of a sudden a loud muffled sound is coming from outside. Jesse can't decipher what it is so she decides to hurry up and get outside quickly.

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GM: A loudspeaker is heard....

Current Game Date: September 12, 2003
Current Game Time: 12:53 AM EST

A message over a loudspeaker can be heard coming from outside but cannot be heard clearly from the staircase or hallway.
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Cesar is left with no choice

"Very well, I am going to trust you and Mr. Marzoni. I think I can make it down the steps with some assistance."

He glanced out the stairway door and asked, "What about your friends?"
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Jesse responds to Cesar

[ mood | contemplative ]

"Look mate I can understand your wanting to be discreet and all especially after tomorrow and all but, you have to understand that it's not only your neck that's going to be put on the chopping block. Me and Gino have a long history. He'll take care of you." replies Jesse to a nervous Cesar, "Now the real question is can you walk down these steps?"

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[ mood | determined ]

"No there is not any trouble between myself and the Marzoni's," Cesar explained. "My problem with this is Mr. Marzoni's trustworthiness. There will be a large bounty on my head when I don't deliver Jairo's corpse tomorrow, and how do I know I can trust him?"

He shook his head,"No. I want out of the business. I rather he did not know."

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Jesse is flabbergasted

[ mood | confused ]

Huh? What the devil...

"Come again? You want me to not tell him who he's going to smuggle. Right. Have you been in this business much? He has to know, especially if I'm going to ask him as a favor to me." says Jesse.

"Why don't you want him to know who you are? Families rubbed up against each other lately?" asked Jesse suspiciously.

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Cesar adds some fine print

Gino Marzoni? thinks Cesar to himself. I did not expect to hear about him again.

He shifts his weight around trying to keep it off his bad ankle and scratches his beard as he thinks. He didn't want to bring anyone that Jairo or Sebastian might know into this deal.

"Can you make it so he does not know who he is smuggling?"
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Jesse leads the way.

[ mood | devious ]

"Very well then." Says Jesse.

As she turns around she can feel Miranda's glare on her, so Jesse decides to fuck around with her a little.

This should bring her down a bit... Or make her kill me.

An evil grin slowly begins for form on her mouth and as they are passing by Miranda.

Jesse walks to the end of the stairway, turns to Cesar and says "Look mate, we have a bit of a problem here, seems like the little misses there and I'm sure that Cassandra too, don't want the pleasure of your company."

Cesar looks like he's going to say something but Jesse cuts him off by continuing, "But that doesn't mean that I can't help you. Look I don't know if you've heard of Gino Marzoni, he and I go back a bit. He can get you safely out of the city. So I figure we dump the Brady bunch back there for a bit and handle our negotiations like proper gangsters. So what do you say?"

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Cesar nodded.

"Very well. Lead the way."
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Jesse explains to Cesar why they have to talk.

[ mood | amused ]

"Well, we have to talk about our little excursion to the South. So just come with me so we can have a little privacy." As Jesse says that last part she defiantly looks at everyone and zooms in on Miranda. She looks her up and down and turns back to Cesar to hear his answer.

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Talk about what?

Cesar had been watching as Jesse and Miranda had their verbal dispute. They had gone from fighting a few feet away to yelling in a staircase. Now Jesse came out of the staircase and approached Cesar telling him they need to talk.

"Talk about what?" he asked as he eyed her suspiciously.
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Jesse thinks of a new deal for Cesar.

[ mood | lonely ]

Bitch... That fucking bitch, who does she think she is? Me mum? Ugh!

Jesse sighs and reluctantly gets up to go give Cesar the bad news, when it suddenly hits her.

Wait a minute, what if I took him myself to Gino. Leave 'em all here to make merry and see what Gino can do for us. Right... right that's what I'll do!

Jesse goes up the stairs a little faster and walks past Miranda, Bitch. She walks up to Cesar and says, "Look mate we've got to talk."

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